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Michael Embry is a multi-genre author of 13 books. His latest novel, New Horizons, was published by Wings ePress. It's a sequel to the coming-of-old-age Old Ways and New Days and Darkness Beyond the Light, part of the John Ross Boomer Lit Novel series.

The boomer lit novels are about the trials and tribulations of retirement for John Ross. They are available at Amazon.comBN.com, and Wings-Press.com

New Horizons involves a wild and wacky trip to Budapest.  By the way, go to the My Books tab if you're interested in purchasing his works.

​"The best Michael Embry yet, New Horizons continues the John Ross Boomer Lit saga as John and Sally Ross go on a whirlwind tour of Budapest. In New Horizons, Embry honestly addresses many of the issues so many boomers face today—adult children who need help, parents who need us more than we need them, drugs, memory loss, and a longing for a simpler, better America. Honest, accessible writing that keeps you turning the pages." — Chris Helvey, author of Snapshot

Michael has written three mainstream novels, Foolish Is The Heart, A Long Highway, and The Touch; a murder mystery, A Confidential Man; and two young-adult books, Shooting Star and The Bully List. Embry also has a short story collection, Laments, published in 2012 and available for 99 cents at Amazon.com,B&N.com, and Smashwords.com. He hopes to have a second volume published this year.

Michael has also written three nonfiction sports books, Basketball in the Bluegrass State: The Championship Teams, March Madness: The History of the Kentucky High School Basketball Tournament, and Baron of the Bluegrass: The Wit and Wisdom of Legendary Kentucky Basketball Coach Adolph Rupp

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Blurbs about New Horizons

"This novel has such a realistic feel to it. It's not of the thriller genre, but I found myself turning those pages, wanting to know what was going to happen next."

                                                                                                     Lara MacGregor, author of The Secret Mask of Truth and The 12th Kiss   

"Author Michael Embry leaves us both laughing and crying with his flawed but recognizable characters."          

​                                                                                                     Steve Flairty,  author, columnist, and Kentucky Monthly book reviewer

"The best Michael Embry yet...Honest, accessible writing that keeps you turning the pages."

                                                                                                                    Chris Helvey, author of Yard Man

and Darkness Beyond the Light . . .

"His latest, Darkness Beyond the Light, is the sequel to Old Ways and New Ways, each a part of his John Ross Boomer Lit series featuring those born from the years 1946-1964, including Embry. Darkness has a compelling narrative touching on boomer issues such as changing social norms, caregiving of the elderly, and grown children living with parents."

                                                                                      Steve Flairty, review in Kentucky Monthly magazine

"Facing harsh realities about a child will not be easy for both John and Sally Ross as their lives are about to be turned in so many directions that at times they will have to literally catch their breaths in order to continue on."—Just Reviews (5 stars)

"These are supposed to be the golden years for millions of American baby boomers. Only, what happened? Drugs, violence, children who disappoint, and old friends dying are just a few of the issues today’s baby boomers face. Michael Embry ruthlessly explores these problems and many others in his gripping new novel, Darkness Beyond The Light."
                                                                                        Chris Helvey, author of Snapshot, a novel released by Livingston Press

"What's more exciting than a family Christmas with a judgmental, smart-mouthed mother-in-law; a grown son who's got himself into drugs and does everything to hide it, including lying, of course; and a daughter who tries to hide a personal problem by being everything to everyone? That's what John Ross must contend with, plus his wife Sally has become forgetful, but John doesn't have the presence of mind to deal with it because of all the craziness in his house."

                                                                                          Joanna Foreman, author of Riverwalk Chameleon 

. . . and Old Ways and New Days

“In Old Ways and New Days, Michael Embry masterfully shines a spotlight on retirement and the realities and traumas facing millions of baby boomers. And, like most things lit by the harsh, unfiltered beam of a spotlight, not everything is rosy; just ask John, Embry’s main character, as he traverses his first days out from under the world of work. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the realities facing retirees or who simply want to become immersed in a well-written, engaging novel.”
                                                                                           Bill Noel, author of Folly Beach Mystery  series

“If you are looking for lollipops and sunshine Old Days and New Days flat out ain’t it, friend. Michael Embry’s novel of a veteran newsman’s retirement years is not filled with slow days on the back porch or vacation cruises. Instead, it’s packed with violence and death, cancer and children gone wrong, lost dogs and lost lives. In other words, a hard, honest realistic portrait of life in America today, by a true craftsman of the written word. Read it if you dare!”  
                                                                                         Chris Helvey, Editor of Trajectory Journal and author of Whose Name I                                                                                                                                                                         Did Not Know 
and Claw Hammer

"As a long-time and seasoned journalist, Michael Embry always allowed the story to tell itself. Now, as a novelist, he allows the story to tell itself...and at a riveting pace.”

                                                                                        Steve Flairty, author of Kentucky’s Everyday  Heroes: Ordinary People                                                                                                                                                                         Doing Extraordinary Things series and columnist for KyForward.com   and Kentucky Monthly  magazine