​​Michael Embry is a multi-genre author of 16 books. His latest novel, Cradle of Conflict, was published byWings ePress on Dec. 1. It's a sequel to the coming-of-old-age series featuring Old Ways and New DaysDarkness Beyond the Light, New Horizons, Make Room for Family, and Reunion of Familiar Strangers, part of the John Ross Boomer Lit series.

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The boomer-lit novels are about the trials and tribulations in retirement for newspaperman John Ross. They are available at Amazon.com BarnesandNoble.com,  wingsepess.com, Books2Read.com, and other websites. And they can be ordered through your favorite bookstore.   

"Returning to Michael Embry’s John Ross series, which centers on the retirement years of a Boomer generation couple, is one of those pleasures I look forward to like visiting a dear old friend. It’s not that Cradle of Conflict lacks drama and suspense. The novel possesses those, but as I follow the charming and unfailingly fair-minded John Ross in his navigation of thorny problems, I find great comfort is his handling of everyday woes that can swell into extraordinary challenges." — author Michael Hartnett

Michael has written three mainstream novels, Foolish Is The Heart, A Long Highway, and The Touch; a murder mystery, A Confidential Man; and two young-adult books, Shooting Star and The Bully List. He also has a short story collection, Laments, published in 2012 and available for 99 cents at Amazon.com,BarnesandNoble.com, and Smashwords.com. He hopes to have a second volume published this year.

Michael has also written three nonfiction sports books, Basketball in the Bluegrass State: The Championship Teams, March Madness: The History of the Kentucky High School Basketball Tournament, and Baron of the Bluegrass: The Wit and Wisdom of Legendary Kentucky Basketball Coach Adolph Rupp

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What they're saying about Cradle of Conflict

"Throughout the novel, the author talks about relationships among each member of the Ross family and the dynamics are different and yet similar in ways." — Fran Lewis, Just Reviews 


 "As I opened this review, reading Cradle of Conflict makes me feel like I have reunited with family, a family at times troubled, but always engaging and kind. These novels help me look at America’s problems today with a template of how to move forward, buoyed by its big-hearted, rational patience. May Michael Embry keep writing this John Ross series. They fill a wonderful niche for a graying America that has both feet out of the nursing home as they step in to help the generations that follow." — Michael Hartnett, author of The Blue Rat, Blue Gowanus, Death Canal, and other titles