Blurbs about "The Bully List"

"Michael Embry's insight into the current issue of bullying is provocative and breathtaking. When you put this remarkable book down, you have virtually experienced the bullying that faces many young people  today. This novel is fast-paced, the characters vivid and unforgettable. Every pre-teen and young adult should read The Bully List." -- Marlis Day, author of novels for 'tweens

"A compelling young adult novel on a disturbing and timely issue, school bullying. Told from a teenager Josh's confused and embattled perspective, he and his buddy Sam, the bullied, believe their response requires a desperate measure, the bully list. A riveting narrative just begging for answers to a serious societal problem." -- Steve Flairty, author 

"Michael Embry tackles the tough but timely topic of bullying in The Bully List. As the physical and verbal abuse against two teen-aged boys escalats, it's easy to feel compassion for the victims. But Embry also offers insights into what  motivates the bullies  to intimidate others."  -- Marie Mitchell, author

Michael Embry

An American Writer 


I'm a multi-genre author of 10 books. My latest novel, Old Ways and New Days, will be  released by Wings ePress on Oct. 1. It's a baby boomer story about the trials and tribulations of growing older.

I'm also the author of Laments, a short-story collection published in 2012, The stories deal with the consequences of people's actions toward others.  Laments is currently available for 99 cents at, B& and 

I've also written three mainstream novels, Foolish Is The Heart, A Long Highway, and The Touch; a murder mystery, A Confidential Man; and two young-adult books,  Shooting Star and The Bully List.

I've also written three nonfiction sports books, Basketball in the Bluegrass State: The Championship Teams, March Madness: The History of the Kentucky High School Basketball Tournament, and Baron of the Bluegrass: The Wit and Wisdom of Legendary Kentucky Basketball Coach Adolph Rupp