The Touch

​A Mainstream Novel - $16

Blake Williams is a widower trying to raise three children. He's been careful not to open his heart to another woman. Carla Reeves is involved in an abusive relationship. She meets Blake by chance on several occasions and the relationship evolves into much more than casual interest in each other.

The Bully List

A Young Adult Novel - $15

The story of two teen-aged boys who seek revenge against some bullies and come up with a "bully list" on what they can do to get even -- but they don't always getting the desired results.


Short Stories - $9

A collection of 12 short stories focusing on the consequences of people's actions toward others.

​Reunion of Familiar Strangers

A Mainstream Novel - $19

John and Sally Ross reluctantly attend his 50th high school reunion.  The long weekend brings back some good and bad memories from his teen-aged years. 

Old Ways and New Days

​A Mainstream Novel - $17

John Ross has retired after many years working as a journalist. He discovers that he's missed a few things along the way as he tries to settle into his "golden years."

Darkness Beyond the Light

A Mainstream Novel - $21

When John Ross and his wife Sally learn that their son Brody has been leading a double life, they must navigate uncharted territory during the Christmas season to lead him out of the darkness of drug addiction.

Make Room for Family

​A Mainstream Novel - $21

John and Sally Ross return from a memorable vacation to Budapest, hoping for some peace and quiet at their Kentucky home, only to be surprised by unexpected houseguests. 

Shooting Star

A Young Adult Novel - $16

Shooting Star is a story about a new kid in school and the trials and tribulations he faces playing for the high school basketball team. The novel is targeted to middle school and high school students and young-at-heart adults who love hoops.

​​​Michael Embry

An American Writer 

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A Confidential  Man

A Murder Mystery $17

Sports columnist Chase Elliott has earned a reputation around the newsroom of being a person that others can confide their deepest confidences. What happens when some one goes over the line? And what if a fellow worker dies from mysterious circumstances?

A Long Highway

A Mainstream Novel - $17

Micah Stewart is in the throes of a midlife crisis. He's bored with his job as a sportswriter, and while he maintains a good relationship with his ex-wife, Micah feels unfulfilled in many areas of his life. 

Foolish Is The Heart

A Mainstream Novel - $19

Brandon Wilkes is a 45-year-old sports columnist who has never settled down to the point of marriage. However, his easy-going lifestyle undergoes changes as some big events happen in his personal and professional life.

New Horizons

A Mainstream Novel - $18

John and Sally Ross's vacation to Budapest turns out to be a topsy-turvy adventure as they deal with fellow travelers and issues back home. 

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